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  • NC5 Water + Oil + BB SET
    Add to cart SGD 118 SGD
  • NC5 Water + Oil + Sunblock SET
    Add to cart SGD 118 SGD
  • 41Hz Water Mist
    200ml; Pure water; Free gift
    Add to cart SGD 35 SGD
  • NC5 Sun Block SPF 40
    Add to cart SGD 48 SGD
  • NC5 Mink Oil 7.5ml
    Add to cart SGD 65 SGD
  • NC5 Mink Oil Soap
    Fermented mink oil soap
    Add to cart SGD 38 SGD
  • NC5 Mink Oil
    Add to cart SGD 235 SGD
  • Recommended

    AMINI Feminine wipe
    Brighten & firm vulvar; clinicallly proven; 20 sheets; travel size
    Add to cart SGD 14 SGD
  • Out-of-stock

    SULWHASOO First Care Activating Serum EX
    SGD 165 SGD
  • REAL TONIC Soothing Origin Essence
    30ml; 14% active Hanbang
    Add to cart SGD 41 SGD
  • MODELO Vitamin Mask
    Boost the efficacy of a serum or ampoule (Jelly mask: Fermented coconut sheet)
    Add to cart SGD 10 SGD
  • Out-of-stock

    GROxell + BTxell Set
    SGD 360 SGD
  • Out-of-stock

    BTXELL 1 Ampoule
    Wrinkle reducer
    SGD 45 SGD
  • Out-of-stock

    GROXELL 1 Ampoule
    total 'Mulgwang' effect
    SGD 45 SGD
  • GROXELL set
    Add to cart SGD 190 SGD
  • Out-of-stock

    BTXELL set
    Spreadable BOTOX alternative
    SGD 190 SGD
    Add to cart SGD 49 SGD
  • Out-of-stock

    CLABIANE Anti-wrinkle Hydro Filler x1
    Designed to soothe, hydrate, plump and restore skin. Could be used on post-laser procedure skin; Rich in PGA
    SGD 47 SGD
  • CREMORLAB Shadow Off-Eye Cream
    Add to cart SGD 48.35 SGD
  • CREMORLAB Enriched Moisture
    Great for those mature skin; Could be used as a night creamor wash off mask for dry skin; 45ml
    Add to cart SGD 79.35 SGD
  • CREMORLAB Sun Protective SPF 35
    97.4% sun protection; dewy glow finish; light weight; gentle & mild; 60ml
    Add to cart SGD 54.05 SGD
  • CLABIANE Anti-wrinkle Hydro Filler
    Designed to soothe, hydrate, plump and restore skin. Could be used on post-laser procedure skin; Rich in PGA
    Add to cart SGD 215 SGD
  • CLABIANE Foam Cleanser
    A very gentle foam cleanser that doesn't leave skin feel stripped off. Balanced PH (light acidic) restores skin
    Add to cart SGD 35 SGD
  • CLABIANE Sun Block
    Very high UVA&UVB protection yet mild to skin Could be applied over post-laser skin
    50g; Fragrance free
    Add to cart SGD 50 SGD
  • CLABIANE PGA cream
    No stickiness, no pore clogging light weight moisturiser; Raved by many; For all skin type; 50g
    Add to cart SGD 98 SGD


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